Building Science

Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessments (PCA) are conducted for due diligence during property refinancing, purchase and/or sale. Toronto Inspection Ltd. is capable of conducting PCAs in accordance to ASTM 2018-15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments : Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process.

Items covered during the PCA include visual assessment of:

    • General features of the property – access, egress, topography, drainage, pavement, flatwork, stairs, retaining walls, etc.
    • Building structural – superstructure
    • Building envelope – walls, doors/windows, roof
    • Building interior – finishes
    • Utilities – general
    • Conveying systems – elevators, escalators
    • Mechanical – heating, air conditioning, ventilation
    • Electrical – service, distribution
    • Life and fire safety – sprinkler, standpipe, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire separation, etc.
    • Opinion on costs – summarized table of immediate, short and long term costs


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Roof Assessments

The roof is an integral part of the building and is the most overlooked component. Our testing will provide you with the necessary information required to decide on the most appropriate and cost-effective course of action. This will ensure that the work done by your contractor delivers the performance you expect. We can conduct roof inspection for various roof types including conventional asphalt/tar built up roof, EPDM (all types), PVC, TPO, modified bitumenous membrane,

Infrared scans, including test cores to determine moisture presence, are also arranged based on site circumstances.

Asphalt Pavement Evaluation

Asphalt Pavement Evaluations include mapping and documenting existing deteriorations, as well as a limited geotechnical investigation to determine construction details of the asphalt, granular bases and underlying subgrade materials.

Toronto Inspection Ltd. has successfully completed several pavement evaluation projects providing our expertise and services for:

    • Pavement evaluation and design
    • Testing and monitoring of pavement construction
    • Maintenance and rehabilitation


Building Envelope


The building envelope of a building separates the conditioned and unconditioned environments of the building. It allows for control of all the interior elements of the building, such as temperature, light, noise, and moisture.

We are frequently retained by clients to conduct building envelope inspections related to water penetration, condensation, mold, air barrier, vapour barrier, and roofs.

Our building envelope inspections will determine where the building envelope has been compromised and will help you determine the appropriate course of action.